Looking for freeze dryer info

Ive purchased a harvest right pharmaceutical for my CBD buisness since ive been offering both CBD SHR and ad flower rosin. I want to be able to produce the most potent, organic, and tasty material i can for my patients, any and all info would be great. Ie; terp retention, setting info etc…

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Ahh, nice to see that you’ve transitioned from reddit!
HR_FreezeDryer_Manual (1).pdf (1.5 MB)

Here is the manual, Take your tricombs from your extraction and spread them out on a glass dish. Freeze them and follow the harvest right directions. Be sure to gently break the vacuum after drying, you dont want a keif tornado!


Thanks so much. Really appreciate it

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So, did you dry your first batch yet?

No not yet the 22nd is when I cut down again 80% of that is going to go into the first run. Somebody got a hold of me last night and told me they are in extraction artists from me and and have a laboratory in Montpelier which is like 20 minutes from my house and he said that he or they get in touch with me and work with me

Any Progress to report back>?