Looking for explosion proof hood with fan

looking for fume hood system with explosion proof exhaust fan

Ducted outside or ductless (with AC filter)? If you’re building a ducted system you build it yourself typically (and just buy the hood) because every exhaust system will need to be unique for the buildout. Depending on where you’re located you can save thousands buying one used then just buy your own ducting/fans.

Ductless fume hoods come all-in-one which is convenient but have several limitations. AC is standard but there are different filters for other types of fumes/dusts etc. Air Sciences is good but can be pretty costly to maintain since it’s going to be dangerous if you’re not swapping filters routinely. Unless your lab is located dead center in a building without access to the outside then you are probably better off assembling a ducted system. Just make sure you’re obviously resupplying fresh air for that and to locate fans rated for what you’re handling.

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