Looking for consultant for Large Kansas hemp grow


Looking to start with 20-100 acres converting it from wheat to hemp. There is an additional 1900 acres available if the 20-100 acres prove a profitable model to follow for the rest of the land available. Looking for a consultant to come on and prepare initial cost requirements and continued cost requirements for the 20-100 acres and what that would cost. We would also be looking for a head grower to come on for the duration of the grow season and that can be a season based contract. We can get labor outside of that and it should be essentially prepared to grow as much of the infrastructure is there already. We would need to put down the seed popping greenhouses and put up a drying barn of some kind. Thanks for any replies.


We have a couple reliable and quality seed sources at around 0.50-1.00$ per seed at the amount we will be planting


Go on Instagram and look up @RockyFordHemp. That dude loves to get people up to speed.


Dope appreciate it


email mike@eminencecannabis.com He will take care of you.