Looking for consult/sop for THC remediation of crude

Need some help remediating 20-30kg/week. Open to every possibility!


What’s your current setup. Or starting from scratch?

We have had some success with bench scale chromatography but we aren’t great at.

We’ve played with degradation to cbn but have bad selectivity


What route or more importantly what kind of funding are you trying to throw at this? Chromatography is going to be expensive and a lot of solvent to handle at that scale, degradation to CBN is probably the most affordable option you have.


Id prefer to go the degradation route. Ive worked with pd/C but lost a bunch of CBD in the process

I guess the cheapest would be acid washed activated carbon and time?

You can refine that method and get better results more likely. There are other parameters to pull on.

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The degredation paper posted recently suggested H2 and N2 atmosphere as well as a basic environment. What is the reasoning behind the K2CO3?

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I’m not certain if that’s the same paper as the one I’ve been posting, but those are all things intended to cause higher rates of reaction and if anything will bring the selectivity down somewhat via stronger reactions with CBD. I’d be happy to work with you on this a bit.