Looking for clean Trim/Biomass

We are a SoCal extraction company looking to purchase pesticide-free biomass/trim on a weekly basis. Please DM any offers and include availability and pricing.

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Might be able to help you out. Have someone that is connected very well out in cali in the cannabis industry. Shoot me an email at chad@hempicated.com of what you are looking for and I will forward it to my buddy.

Can you give a price range on what you are willing to pay? Are you able to come pick it up in humboldt or need delivered. Are you paying by eyeballing the product then then making sure it past pesticides or are you basing your price upon cannabinoid percentage? From the time it clears testing how long will it take to get paid ? We have a pretty decent amount of trim coming in and out of our distro center so if you’re ever in Humboldt you’re welcome to come check out what we have going on


Have 3 million pounds of trim testing a little over 10% THC If anyone is interested.


Still available?