Looking for cheap CBD isolate in Southern Oregon

Looking for 2kg in southern Oregon ideally, current supplier is at $2500/kg and a pretty long drive north so if you can match or beat that price and located near Medford please contact me.

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When do you want it

I’m pretty busy the next few days but Wednesday would be a good day for me. Your located in Roseburg right?

Yes. Where did you locate to? July and August were rough. My little dog came down with a kidney issue and I pretty much slowed my lab and everything up giving him dialysis. But ya come on up Wednesday or later. I’l have it ready for you.

That’s why I didn’t get back to you. It was pretty emotional. Sorry

I relocated to just outside of cave junction.

No worries about not getting back to me I figured something must have been going on.

Sounds good I’ll plan on seeing you Wednesday, thanks I really appreciate it.

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CJ 4 Life

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