Looking for CBD Isolate, 0 THC distillate and White-Label Pens.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for reading our post. We have been working with a lab out of Montana for the last few months and as of a few weeks ago we’re no longer receiving product from them. We purchase 50 KG’s of isolate every 2 weeks and 40L of NDT (non-detect THC) distillate every 2 weeks.

We’re also looking for vape pen white label manufacturing.

Please email us if you can fulfill any of the above. Isolate must be 99%+ and 0.00% THC.


I can definitely help you out with this order of Isolate and NDT. I just left the office for the rest of the day so lets follow up on Tuesday.

Thank you, please email us at info@healing.ventures

Have you found a supplier for your vape pen?