Looking for bulk ethanol vendor

My hemp processing lab is pricing out 190-200 proof food grade ethanol. Looking to begin with 500 or so gallons and expansion of several thousand gallons within 2 months. Any suggestions of vendors would be greatly appreciated


@Shadownaught can take care of you!


Ask @Shadownaught if the Heptane denatured ethanol is suitable for your needs. It’s a fraction of the cost

I was under the impression you couldn’t use denatured ethanol. Does the heptane denatured ethanol have different properties ?

What you want to typically avoid is methanol denatured ethanol. The Heptane denatured ethanol I’ve found picks up marginally more lipids, and thus is slightly worse at winterizing, but it’s really an inconsequential amount. Especially when you factor in the cost savings, which are dramatic.


So the specifically heptane denatured ethanol follows all health codes for the nation and wouldnt restrict where we could distribute? cause that would be amazing. Food grade ethanol is phenomenally expensive.


N-Heptane is used in processes where no solvent may remain, like soybean and corn oil. So by increasing the temp of evaporation by 5-10C, and making sure you are NOT using silicone hoses, it is a direct drop in replacement for tax-paid ethanol.

The ingredients and ratio are 5% pure N-Heptane and 95% 200 proof food grade ethanol in an azeotrope. I know we have quoted you on some gear but if you would like to run a test with 5gal of denatured and get RST results back, reach out to sales and lets do it!


I just started using your N-Heptane for my mobile phase. I then feed my roto with a SPX-50 Silicone tube. Am I leaching silicone into the product? Alternative solution? I also use 710 Spirts for post production as this pertains to this topic. #Firstpost

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You will want to use PTFE hoses. Here’s a link for a compatibility chart. Just type in Heptane as the chemical.


The taxes make it so expensive and that’s the reason we sell the denatured version. I actually picked out the ethanol/n-heptane blend specifically for extraction because the n-heptane is one of the safest non-polar solvents you can buy. Interestingly it is found naturally in Jeffrey pines and many pharmaceutical companies has opted to use it instead of more common reagents.
Having said that methanol is actually the best alcohol based solvent aside from higher toxicity. It is more polar so precipitates waxes better, dissolves acidic cannabinoids better, and is cheaper. If you distill the cannabinoids after then the choice of solvent in regard to it’s toxicity is sort of unimportant.
Where are you located? The shipping cost can offset the pricing and we are pretty competitive on pricing here in CA.

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Call 710 spirits out in Colorado, they also have a distributor up in Ukiah Ca, you can process the alcohol to remove the heptane if you like or just run as is. They have the 270 gallon totes as well as the 55 gallon drums and they deliver. I believe the 270 gallon tote is in the $2700 range

“Processing” the ethanol to remove the Heptane is federally illegal. Just a disclaimer :wink:


2700$ range for the 270 gallon tote of heptane denature ethanol?

Yeah, without the federal tax the denatured solvent is very affordable. Our 55 gallon drums are around 700 and the totes are around 2200. @Siosis


I can get 55 Gallon of 200 proof non features for 1880 delivered. I am also getting my excise tax for ethanol from the Fed. so soon il be getting it for 7 per gallon. I got an awesome connection out of California. Call Cory out of Missouri 6366963832. he will get you taken care of and also accepts the excise tax licenses.

1880 including the federal tax?

yup sure is

If you want to get into technicalities, I believe distilling the alcohol out of the alcohol/cannabis mixture is illegal too.


Is that on the same level of legality as letting out the gas from your a/c in your car into the atmosphere

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No! Releasing r134a from an A/C system into the atmosphere is an EPA rather than ATF violation that can incur a $50k, or more, fine. @Bluewaffle