Looking for Bulk Buyers of T-Free, Full Spec, and Crude

What’s Up Future 4200 family!

I reside in Colorado, I am currently sitting on an excess amount of oils with no downstream. I have capabilities to process about 2-4,000L of Crude a month. I know you’re probably thinking, “what army are you feeding?”, but that is just the truth. We have capabilities to do it, but really wanting to connect with people who can sell or are looking to buy. Either one would help, Scrolling through the other posts, looks like this is a tight-nit community, Would love to talk and meet as many people as I can.

Let me know if you or someone you know is looking for this!

Light one up for the boy! Cheers!

Full spec broad lmk I’m paying 500 and under for liters

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Full spec

Ben send me a message on IG @tayspitsfire

Or send an email to tay@hempologypartners.com