Looking for a stainless steel fabricator in San diego


Hey all! I am looking for a stainless steel fabricator based in San Diego (north county would be nice) that I can form a long term relationship with. Please shoot me a dm and let’s get acquainted! I’m immediately looking to get some legs put on some vessels but far more in the near future.


I could use one also to customize my cryo tumblers.


You in SD?


The triangle, but i have a lab in California City.


I have a good buddy up in Santa Rosa that does phenomenal jobs. Check out his website 710stainless.com his name is Ryan here’s his number 7077588428


How’s his pricing?


He welds or sells parts?


He’s a chill guy very reasonable he welds and sells parts.


Sounds good, i will reach out to him.


@Indofab or @Soxhlet for the win

I think it’s Indofab but one them welding great custom stuff I’ve seen and heard!

Thought it was you guys!!!:arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down:


Were almost there! smashing down the gas pedal!