Looking For A Job In Canada...


Hello all,

I am tired of living in a land of prohibition so am looking to move to Canada so I can breed, grow and extract legally! Its a great theory but in reality I have no connections there so thought I would see if anyone here could help me out.

I have experience with almost all areas of cultivating and processing cannabis and am happy to start off in any position I can get.

I need to obtain a work visa so am hoping to find a company that needs a skilled employee so they can help me with the application. I live in a common wealth associated country and have a university degree so getting a visa once I have a job lined up should be simple!

If anyone can/will help me please send me a PM.

Thanks for your time to anyone who actually read this :slight_smile:


What type of experience do you have cultivating?


Cultivating cannabis specifically I have had 2 years indoor experience and 2 seasons outdoor both at a hobby scale. I have also had 2 years experience in the retail hydroponic industry and a year of experience working in a small-medium commercial flower nursery.

Unrelated to cultivation, I have a degree majoring in Physics and Chemistry.