Looking for a good hhc source

Looking for some good high-R-iso (obviously) HHC.
Who’s the go-to legit vendors around here (or any online sites that are trustworthy)?

What are the current up to date pricepoints? I was thinking it should be sub1k for highquality stuff for a decent order amount.

Lastly, in terms of producing a good high, would it make sense to blend with minor amounts of CBN and/or a full spec solution?


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Anytime I’ve needed hemp cannabinoids I’ve hit up @7Leaf

Solid dude, idk if he sells HHC but I’m guessing he does


Anyone seen this brand Gumbo and all their hhc stuff

How does the R-ratio effect scale. Would it be wrong to assume that consuming e.g. 200mg 40% 9R solution is the same as consuming 100g 80% 9R?


80%R would be twice as potent as 40%R unless you calculate a formula to have a specific amount of 9R

ex 10Mg from 40% would be the same strength as 10mg for 80% but would take twice as much distillate to formulate

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