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Do you want to work in an exciting new industry? Mountain Grow Dispensary Co. is looking for team members with customer service and/or sales experience.

We are looking for:-
Trimmers, Bud tenders, Edible Packagers, Growers, Extractors and more. Must Be 19 Years of Age or Older. The purpose of the job is to provide friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and timely service in order to create an exceptional experience for all our members. The job requires working in a high-performance environment in standing position for several hours at a time. Salary ranges from $2000-$5000 weekly and after every 2 weeks depending on your position and efforts towards work.
Mountain Grow Dispensary Co stores are located in Las Vegas , Amsterdam, Netherlands having branches in Belgium,Canada,Australia,Switzerland,Spain,Portugal,Italy,North Korea and USA.Part-Time and Full-Time positions available.

Mountain Grow Dispensary Co. is a Legal, Licensed Marijuana Dispensary established in Las Vegas in 2007. Build a career with those leading the future.

Please note that Mountain Grow Company does not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters or employment agencies. In the absence of a signed Master Service Agreement and specific approval to submit resumes to an approved requisition, the Mountain Grow Company will not consider or approve any payment regarding recruiter fees or referral compensations.
We will be responsible for the transportation and accommodation of successful applicants.
Recruitment currently going on.

Click here to apply directly to the head office

Phone: +1 (702) 546-8549

WhatsApp: +1 (702) 546-8549


approaching spam…


Sounds unusual… even the budtenders and trimmers are guaranteed six figure salaries?


Had another post pulled as spam already…

the wording is a bit curious “2000-5000 weekly and after every 2 weeks depending on your position and efforts towards work.”

does that mean some get paid weekly, and some get paid every 2 weeks, so really it’s 1000-5000 weekly? Also, salary- how many hours are expected and mandatory overtime? Am I going to have to put in 80+hrs to hit that 1000/week?