looking for 5-10l roto and a 2 or 5l spd

We are a startup cbd operation. Currently dba carolina cannabis franklinton nc. I found a 5l roto complete with chiller and wateraspirator, for 3200 let me know if you have a better deal. Thnks

we have a full complete set of 5l roto we offer a set for 2800
text for more info (559) 425-3524

Ordered off ebay this morning, i got a 5l roto, small water aspirator and -20 chiller for 2750. That was the last one for that price, looks like 3200 now if anyones looking there.

awesome wish you all the best .

Hi,we can provide short path kit and rotovap in a good price ,please contact my email:330671692@qq.com.