Looking for 40kg ISOLATE spot buy and 50kg/month future


Im currently looking for another CBD isolate and distillate supplier as mine can not seem to keep up.

I am looking for 40kg of isolate this week. This will be a regular thing of 50kg per month is first transaction goes smoothly.

Conditions, must be fully transparent transaction. Must have a physical lab or warehouse I can view the isolate in person and meet the person face to face I intend on doing $3M+ a year in business with.

If you are a “broker” that’s ok as long as you meet me before the transaction takes place, Im willing to sign NCNDA.

Price must be $6k or less

Not looking to waist anyones time or have mine waisted either. Easy going solid suppliers only please.


You won’t find that for 6K or less but I’d be happy to help you.


Already have 1 supplier at below 6k, just using everything I can get from them, so it is possible. @steelrollin Send me a DM of what you got and ill be happy to look at it, thanks.


If you have a supplier that you feel comfortable with I hope that works out for you that is an amazing price. If it doesn’t send me a message I would be happy to help you. Just not at that rate. :slight_smile:

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Price makes no sense for us either. Can do it just a couple hundred more.

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Hey guys I appreciate the replies but if you have an offer please DM me details.


I don’t honestly know how to send a DM on here but if you do shoot me one and I’ll reply :slight_smile:


Click your avatar in the top right corner, select the little envelope icon underneath :call_me_hand:t3:


Hey Guys thanks for the all the replies, looks like I’ve filled the order for 6K. Very much appreciate access to the community @Future, lots of good people on here.


Hey @distydeals you know about the cbd slangers sticky?

Verifyed sellers only, do not post cbd sales again.


Hi. Sorry about that, didn’t realize this was a requirement. How do I become verified? I work with both licensed THC distillate as well as hemp derived CBD Isolate.

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You can send a product sample and coa to @Future to be verifyed. Level 3 verification is gained after youve physically met with one of the staff memebers and they can vouch for you.

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Are you still looking for supplier


I have POL for 45 kgs from Feb 11 to show. We can cover the order as long as pricing is fair. You can reach me at (561) 901-8148.


Shoot me an email I can get you iso purentree@gmail.com


Message me! I am in the labs in colorado, can make it happen!

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