Looking for 400 liters a week of Double Pass Distillate

Hi guys, looking to purchase a large quantity of distillate. Would like to work long term with a trust worthy producer. The order quantity will be 400 a week for one year under contract.

This will be a contract for one year and require 400 liters a week of double pass distillate with no smell, particles, or any metal.

Text me proof of life and also the estimate 626 905 5533

Will provide proof of finances when received.

Thank you, looking forward.

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What is you current email I would be able to help with this. Can provide COA my email is skyler12181986@gmail.com

Please text me 707-339-5696

Double pass distillate is something I am unfamiliar with however we will have the equipment to run single pass and I am assuming you can use it to make the double and we need to make some contracts for buyers before March! Would love to help any way we can!

We also are looking for partnerships and contracts. We have a facility in NorCal and SoCal with distribution license. Can produce 250L a week.


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