Looking for 30kg of CBD Isolate with GMP certificate


Hi Everyone,

Looking to purchase 30kg of Isolate quite rapidly destination Europe. Drop prices and availability pls by dm. We are seeing a large influx of poor quality CBD isolate form China and Eastern Europe on our market. As buying isolate on the local market is now questionable, I would like to find a secure source in the U.S for my dispatches. Our actual production is not up to 100% capacity and is still being setup, so having a reliable supplier now that demand has risen is crucial.



We have a source in Germany who can help you out DM me


dm sent


Question, how can you tell its of poor quality?

I’m on the Canadian west coast looking to buy CBD isolate, but having trouble with trust/validation. A company sent test results from their most recent batch, but how do you really trust this? Bad grammar in email got me concerned, but they are apparently located in BC with a warehouse in Calgary…


sent you a pm


This is what results should look like. Just got this from my most recent batch.


Nice! Thank you for this. Most suppliers i’ve spoken to provide similar testing but from Nov-December of 18’. I suspect this might because they do low volume…

Does your CBD isolate supplier ship to Canada?


Since Oct.17/2018, CBD is regulated under the Cannabis Act, and imports require Standard License, as well as an import permit for each shipment. Be careful playing over international borders.


Any resources on how to do this lawfully. Is the import license a large barrier?

It appears you’re working with extraction in Canada, I assume this is for medical grade cannabis?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


What would you pay for Swiss GMP isolate per kg? If your pricing is within my radar I may help.


Hi, thanks all, found what we needed. Got a bunch of messages and was very helpful.


For Swiss made GMP cert Isolate I would pay just around 5k per Kg, maybe a tiny bit more depending on the seller. Our goal is to make the product more affordable for our end clients and distributors, for that we also have to get a decent price. Making affordable quality products is something not many people are trying to do around here, but its a necessary step in order to get more people access to CBD infused products, and not only an elite who can afford it.


Hey, I am looking for the same thing, GMP isolate for international shipment, Im looking for quantities from 10 kilos to 200 kilos depending on client, certain clients are willing to sign contracts for a consistent supplier. All our paperwork is in order.


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