Looking for 300 Tons of high CBD Biomass

Dear all,

Am currently have a client looking for 300 Tons of high CBD biomass at under 5000$ a Ton. Interested sellers must be able to to ship the product internationally. Serious sellers only.


Good luck finding someone who will sell you biomass for $2.50/pound!! Maybe i can round you up some stems for that price…


I agree with you, I believe the potential client’s demand was unrealistic from the get go. Thought I would test the waters and see what came out of the question on here. Being in Europe there is a lot of industrial hemp but I and most isn’t of adequate quality. Can you throw me some realistic prices for general knowledge purposes?

Thanks for your time!

Hey mate,

There’s a whole range of prices being paid. There’s a whole range of quality. I saw someone on here (i think) a while back selling chipped stems which were about 3% CBD for $4/pound.

You can find lower quality material for $20-30/lb, and better quality for $40-60/lb.

The pricing is really done based on percentage of CBD in the biomass. It’s common for farmers to get anywhere from $3-4 per percentage point per pound.

So if a batch of hemp after multiple homogenized milled tests averaged out at 15% CBD, a farmer can expect to get between $45-60 per pound…or more or less, depending on a number of things.

In a massive purchase like 600,000 pounds (if you’re talking american tons), a buyer would negotiate a discount for the full lot. Say the biomass is at 10% CBD, and the farmer is desperate & willing to sell @ $2.50/per percentage point CBD per pound - that’s $25/pound.

300 Tons would then be valued at around $15 million. And that’d be a cheap price.

So basically, your buyer’s expected price is missing a zero! :joy:

Of course, this is all assuming we’re talking about american tons which is 2,000 pounds exact.


I think I can help

I believe that the metric system is going to be standard for weights and measures. It coincides with the rest of the world much better.

I actually market our product at $1.69 per lb for 5% + bio mass. $3785.60 per metric ton. To us Bio mass = All the leaves and all the small dime size and smaller flowers and their branches, The center stalks we keep for other use. All of the premium flowers are sold at $ 500.00 per Kg as smoke-able hemp.

By my figures the cost of 600,000 lbs would be, 600k is equal to 267.8571428571 metric tons x $ 3785.60 per metric ton = $1,013,999.9999998
for a real life figure. We can speculate all day long in a virtual reality based on what we hear or read on the internet. Or we could seek the market facts from individuals actually producing crops in excess of 600,000 lbs annually to inquire with them as to what the actual market price is that they receive. But I have provided that already. If anyone desires product consultation or would like to learn more about the cultivation, processing, genetics, harvest and storage feel free to hit me up.We can definitely help reduce the learning curve by providing real world answers and solutions for those pursuing this new emerging industry.

Dr. Zoffer

Thats great and all Dr. z, however that post was written a year ago. So…your commentary is pretty meaningless. In fact, the actual market is hovering around $1-1.10 per % these days, even less for high volume. Even less again for below 10% material.

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