Looking for 100+ lbs of Indoor Hemp flower

Looking for high quality indoor hemp flower. Also looking for THC free concentrates.


We currently have about 8-10 available Indoor Hemp Flower strains left. $200 per pound. We also have a ton of THC free distillate and some THC free isolate.


Like I said this os not a question to sell products it was purely reaserch and curiousity is the price your looking to spend on indoor hemp

You need to get verified first before you broker/sell hemp here plz :call_me_hand:


Im not trying to slang anything im just curious what people are willing to pay for indoor hemp, it is a curiosity question. I know exactly what the rule are to sell products on here are thank you though.


Sorry :pray:

The best indoor hemp Ive seen here is about $1,000/lb

I’d probably pay that too if it was the best indoor hemp available :person_shrugging:


No reason to be sorry for doing the job of a forum member. We must all follow the rules even though I hate most rules lol I actually appreciate that you did what you did. Like I was saying I asked more out of curiosity so I can father information for a friend of mine who is planning on growing indoor hemp in Washington, he was going to jjst chop everything down and quit it I told him no there is future4200 lol and I have explained to him about the rules and verification needed so hopefully sometime next year my friend will be able to start providing top quality indoor hemp for everyone.

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Okey sorry. Will apply for it.

It’s always the Unverified user hate’n on someone for not being verified I love that Irony. Here’s this guy busting this other guys ballz over not being verified yet he himself making the notion to become verified has not yet become verified himself.
:thinking:hmm… funny

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You obv. haven’t ever heard of user moderation.

Helps the good ol mods we have here a lot.

If unverified slangers ran this place, do you realize how many (more) people would end up getting scammed…


Users trying to Moderate seems like an ordinary person who lacks true authority in his life so he ends up getting the
“Cartman” Attitude—Respect my AuthoraahTye!!

lol have a good one bro!


If you don’t want to get scammed.
Check and ask for credentials.
Here’s a good checklist:
Do they have;

  • Hemp Handlers License
    -LLC or Business name should be verified
    -Proof of Life :That is time stamped and dated Should be requested before funds are sent.
    -If they cant even send you a professional invoice receipt with Tax EIN# then flagged.
    -Seems most companies would have a Company Bank account to wire the funds to.
    -Bitcoin Payment only options seem like a scam,
    Flag there for sure.

That’s more focus on the Solution

Thanks dad. Didn’t know it said he didn’t know how to do business but I’m sure he appreciated it.


I’ll buy from verified hemp slangers, you buy from the rando.

Are you really complaining that there’s a verification process for those selling through this online forum?


Hello 2021!


$200 lb for indoor hemp? What are you smoking on? Did you walk it indoor and that’s what you consider indoor grown hemp? Where are pictures and a coa on this flower? Anyone with half a brain knows you are blowing smoke with $200 lb indoor flower. Cmon man


Im grateful there’s a verification process. I will also soon be verified.
Until then I get to look at my 40 acres of perfectly cured crop.
I love how the CBG grows outdoor.
Nice short, bushy profile with consistently
thick-colas that are frosty.