Looking for 1,000KG CBD isolate




As said in the title, I’m looking for 1,000kg of CBD isolate. Our previous producer screwed us over. By now I’m guessing he’s being litigated and probably won’t be in business anymore.

In any case, our buyers are still on good terms with us and want a supply for this Saturday. They have POFs, LOIs ready.

Please send me a direct message if you are interested.


There are many verified slingers on here. I’m sure you’ll be flooded with those replies shortly.


Just curious, what is done with 1,000 kg of isolate? That’s 1,000,000 gram units. Is CBD really this popular, is that sustainable?


If you are still looking for CBD isolate please reply. We are reliable and can supply large amounts.


Lol just 4 million in cbd…


I can help you out with that. We have a facility in Colorado that can accommodate that.

Message me


are you still interested i can provide order if you can email me purentree@gmail.com


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