Look at these losers: CBD to become a narcotic in Europe

Look at these losers

EUROPEAN trade groups have condemned the European Commission’s decision to classify CBD a narcotic and are fighting back to overturn it.

When do we bring out the guillotines and start chopping heads off of big pharma execs?

enough is enough…


So… Huge corporations run the government in Europe too? This is what happens when we think of capitalism as a form of government. Wait till it’s their religion like in America.


I don’t like to curse in this forum …


The UK is going to be the “powerhouse” of europe for CBD ??
You cant grow any form of hemp in the UK without a license from the government. So this is just a bollocks monopolisation of CBD. Also how will this effect Holland, Spain, Denmark and Portugal ? Will it mean the cannabis club can only sell THC ?
This is begging for illegal trade throughout europe, the price of CBD will increase ten fold no doubt so people will be forced again to buy on the black market. The people who have no contact to the black market for medicine will suffer the most ( children , pensioners, dissabled ) All because of people in suites wanting money.
I personally will not allow it to happen, if i have to buy a few kilos of distillate from someone here and distribute it, I will.
If i have to next year rent a polly tunnel and produce a few ton to process, I will. I know local police here that use CBD, they will not enforce the criminalization of CBD. I think this may cause quite a disturbance here. I have a group of friends with 6000 plants between 3 polly tunnels. They will be screwing, its taken 6 months and police checks for them to operate without a problem. Its our 1st legal grow and its not finished for another month or so. If the law changes before its finished, what will happen, are we supposed to burn it ? will we all get arrested for growing a few tons of narcotics ?? Will the police take it and the government compensate us ?!?! ( hahahaha )

I have just woken up, i wish i didn’t read this…

rant over’ish, im off to make a fkn joint and a cup of tea.
( i will read over what i have written when i return and edit if it makes no sense )


I don’t thing EU can classify CBD as a narcotic. To do this, they need evidences. Plus recently, WHO stated that CBD is not a narcotic. Normally EU commission follows WHO recomandation, at least does not go against it.


Now i have smoked 3 joints and drank a gallon of tea, I have calmed down and thought about it.
For the countries in the EU that allow the consumption f cannabis, you will only be able to purchase CBD products from cannabis clubs.
For the countries that don’t allow the consumption of cannabis, you would have to go to your doctor or pharmacist.

I still think its a serious mistake by the EU to do this, as it was there was a chance to regulate everything.
Now its just a huge opportunity for low quality, counterfit, useless products and criminal control of CBD.

This is something i’m going to read about now, " how did the come to this conclusion "


Mexico looking real good rn


uk can only harvest the seeds and stalks/fibres etc at the moment so i don’t know how they are going to get much cbd out of that .uk has some of the worst laws.it makes me despair

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capitalism didn’t cause this. In a truly capitalist society no substance would be regulated. This is caused by corruption, which exists in all forms of government


Precursor :joy::joy:
To late already happening


Corruption was urged to be made illegal by UN long after cannabis, in the 70’s, and in Europe, bribing is only officially forbidden since the early 2000’s… the same people are still there, and it is a strong part of their culture.


Unfortunately they can, because cannabis extracts (even from industrial hemp with 0.2% THC) have always been subject to the 1961 Single Convention.

They don´t need evidence for that as they only point to this fucking old document of ´61.


This world is fucked.

CBD is less of a narcotic than Hot green tea. It legitimately does mostly nothing except in specific cases.
“I’m not trying to be political but” this is some communistic/socialist/religious bullshit. Good Science doesn’t have bias and knows CBD is not a narcotic.
So I can sit here, drink my iPas, smoke my cigarettes, but taking a cbd supplement counts as an illegal narcotic? Get fucked.

I hope one day we all realize that the brain is smarter than we think and seeks what it needs. Sometimes what it needs is narcotics. Sometimes it needs mild stimulants. Who are we to judge what it means to exist in another persons shoes? Are we “god”?

I’m not saying America’s great, but europe isn’t great either. At least in my conservative part of California I can sell medicine freely and make people happy. I’m all for taking care of my fellow human, but do I really need the government involved to do that?


All this is not at all about what you were told.
If lefties would rull Europe, cannabis would have been legalised since long.


This is not that sraigtforward.

On the one hand the limit vaties from 0.2% to 0.6% depending on the country. It is even 1% in Switzerland. (Not in EU but in the middle of it).

On the other hand, each country adapted the scope of what applies to the term “cannabis”. Some are more or less clear, some are not clear all. EU laws are not that clear neither, except that extracts are not forbiden as long as THC content falls below the country limits. :woman_office_worker:


pretty sure that 1961 document would not exist without America pushing their agenda on the world.

is CBD a narcotic? No.
are there laws on the books that say it is?

laws don’t just change themselves.


I’m not even saying left or right. It’s just the weird ways they go about shit in Europe that pisses me off when they do shit like this. Europe’s the next frontier for a lot of us and should be going legal next but shit like this is getting them further away from where they should be.

In a EU context, if you say “socialist/communist”, you clearly refer to the left wing parties. Out of Portugal and Scandinavia, those parties are almost dead (since like 20 years in France…). They joined the communist parties as almost extinct species…