--Lockdown quarantine status thread--

With all the craziness going on I think it would be wise to get a quarantine lockdown status thread going so we as a community can see what’s happening; most of us aren’t locked down yet; but good money says majority of us will be in the not so distant future; here’s a quick adhoc scale; feel free to add to it.

A: no lockdown in effect; business as usual;
B: non essential locations closed; restaurants schools etc
C: soft quarantine; you are recommended to shelter inplace; but it’s not enforced
D: hard quarantine; forced quarantine you must shelter in place; enforced

I’ll start; 3-18-20 I’m in jackson county, MI we are at a B; resturants are closed only drive through and takeout; but its business as usual; shelfs are empty, but get restocked fairly quickly; a few people are seen wearing masks; everybody is on edge.

I’m very curious to see how this thread changes over time; hopefully we will never get to “D”

What’s your sitrep?


B here, but expect C soon. Roads are empty, and people are definitely edgy.

Nyc adjacent here.


Ingham county Michigan, soft B, bars and stuff are still doing takeout.


South Bend / Raymond, Washington, combined population of 4,000 at most,

lockdown status B

Personally in self quarantine after returning from Europe to a county with no known cases (because our government is too incompetent to even test)

My brother, whom lives here as well, reported that the grocery store is mostly stocked, although staples like flour and meat sell out quick after restocking. The grocery store had its busiest day in 125 years last Friday. They have since hired 10 more employees and are restocking at excellerated rates…


@sidco are we able to add a poll to this that allows members to change their vote as their situation changes? Itd be nice to be able to visualize this with the pie chart


Cleveland Ohio is a B currently


Montrose Colorado is B.
We have a population around 20-25k, four primary grocery stores and all of them are sold out of paper products, and dairy type products but everything else is decently stocked. Each one has lines of 20+ people every morning waiting for the shipments of paper/milk that sell out immediately.
There aren’t any known cases here but there are some in Gunnison county an hour from here.


Also holding it down in montrose.


We are a B in sw Michigan. Store shelves are pretty bare. No bread, milk, eggs, or meat. Toilet paper has been gone. Isopropyl alcohol is gonna be a problem. I usually walk out of Wally World with a case of quarts every week for cleaning in the lab. All gone.


Virginia, B minus


It’s about a b+ here in mid Michigan.


B, C-ish, Salem Oregon banned groups of 2 or more in public places.


B/C in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


SouthWest Fl. Kids out of school month plus (picking up school issued chrome notebook for remote education), restaurant capacity cut in half, bars/ clubs closed. Butthole paper depleted most places. B slipping to C


Still “A” in Santa Rosa New Mexico for the time being. A couple restaurants closed voluntarily, but most are still open as usual.


B also here in SE mi.

Drive thru restaurants only. Stores closing early.

I found grocery store that was nearly full stocked of food. Zero toiletries, zero cold meds.

I have 4 gallons 99% iso if you need a quart. I also have 30 gallons of terp-shine, and 5 gallons 200 proof food grade ethanol I’m sure I can use for cleaning purposes when my iso runs out.

I also have 4 gallons of bleach.

And if need be, i have 50 gallons of water my family can drink vs my plants.


Hayfork, 2400 population: business as usual.

Store shelves stocked, including Iso & shit tickets.


Thanks bro, but I burn through about 3-4 gallons a week. I managed to order some so I think I’m good for a couple weeks. Our local Walmart usually stocks about 10x more iso than the average Walmart, but it sure didn’t last long. If bleach only dissolved thc/CBD…

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Where’s hayfork? ISO and shit tickets??? On my way!

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That’s what the t-shirt says

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