Ln2 or dryice

Ok say You have the choice of putting dryice or liquid Nitrogen in your SPD coldtrap the glas type
What would You chose ?
On first pass and on second pass ?
I think that for firstpass iT s overkill your trap Will look like a frozen posticle
But for second pass it might be good
Even better Maybe
Thougts ?


That’s funny I had this same issue last night because I forgot to buy dry ice. I used ln2 to much success but my cold trap is stainless steel. I’d be afraid of the glass breaking.


I would be very interested to know what the cost of bulk Liquid N2 is vs using Cryo Chiller like Huber, Julabo or Mydax

Oeh @Soxhlet @Future @cyclopath
Any insight ?
@Lincoln20XX ?

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This has been discussed before, the short answer is that you have to do the math yourself. It depends entirely on your local/regional costs:

What is the energy consumption, capital cost, lifespan, and maintenance cost requirement of the chiller you are looking at?
What us your energy cost? Put those two together over say a 5 year period and that will tell you how much chillers cost you.

How much does LN2 cost you?
How much do you have to spend making your system work with LN2?
How much maintenance/dicking around does it take/cost to get/keep your LN2 system working/full of LN2?

Balance those two sets things and that will tell you which is cheaper. Anyone who gives you a blanket “this option is always cheaper no matter what” unless you’re talking an apples to apples technology comparison is probably talking out their ass.

I would be very interested to know why someone offering consulting services on chiller systems doesn’t realize that this is the basic process required, as it’s fundamentally how you compare any two different systems for a customer’s needs.


I understand how to run the ROI from the chiller side, but I don’t know how you would calculate how much LN2 would be needed vs a chiller. Also, as you pointed out there is a lot that goes into the cost of LN2 like rental fees, deliver fees and when you are not using LN2 it just vents off the top. Oh, and you are right that delivery fees will vary wildly depending on how far you are from the provider.

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I’m on my phone so I’m not digging through a hundred threads to find you the calculations. It’s been discussed before. Check the other LN2 threads. The calculations you’re looking for are “latent heat of evaporation” w.r.t. LN2. You can find everything you need on engineerstoolbox

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Awesome! Thank you for that !

There is a few variables power cost per kwh , chiller being sized for the unit, insulation value, operating temp, and your local cost for dryice or ln2.
Weight all these factors and see what is more effient for you.
My .02 I don’t lke to purchase/handle/store large amounts of dryice, ln2 is easier to store and cones out of a tank so you don’t have to physicaly move anything.
The most convient option by far is a chiller, you don’t need to move anything/or recieve tank or ice deliverys.
For me I take convience over cost.