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I see a lot of rumors going around to what’s the best method of flash freezing. From my understanding. Cut plant and hit it with liquid nitrogen. And immediately vacuum seal so there is no oxygen or water. Then put in at least -40c. Is there any tricks anyone know of? It just doesn’t seem reliable to me on a production scale.

The best way is to freeze the material as you use it, fresh flowers can be stored in a refrigerator until you pack/vac/freeze/extract them.


Might find something useful here…


Liquid Nitrogen!

This is the worst when open blasting. Psi goes way up lol

My buddy washed his plants before I ran them… they spit out so much water when the column thawed out…the water smelled just like a banana milkshake! Is washing the plants before being extracted recommended? The extract came out just fine


What am I watching?

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There a pros and cons to washing freshly harvested plants.

Pros: no bug shit! Or residue from water based foliar feeding etc.

Cons: you can lose trichomes and therefore yield. Especially if you’re rough, or your water is too cold.

Shouldn’t interfere with your process, I can certainly see it messing with some.


Someone once tried to talk me into spraying my plants with Frass tea. I couldn’t do it.

Contact with frass causes plants to secrete chitinase in response to its high chitinlevels.[ citation needed ] Frass is a natural bloom stimulant,[ citation needed ] and has high nutrient levels. Frass contains abundant amoebae, beneficial bacteria, and fungi.[ citation needed ]Accordingly, it is a microbial inoculant, in particular a soil inoculant, a source of desirable microbes, that promotes the formation of compost[ citation needed ]. It is an important recycler of nutrients in rainforests, and favours plant health.[ citation needed ]


The water is too cold on your collection vessel?

No. The water is not too cold in my collection vessel. Why do you ask?

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My question was ill stated. What water is cold? The water on the jacketed collection vessel? I didn’t mean “your” water. Haha my bad.

I wouldnt spray them with it though a compost tea has plenty of “frass” in it.
I like to mix frass into my Bokashi mix and top dress.