Live resin crystallization issues

I have been having a ridiculous time trying to get my thca to crash out this past month… I’ll uncap them and they’ll sugar but I can burp and burp until it’s a syrup and see no growth… it’s driving me absolutely insane. I’ve tried temps from 70f up to 90. A grade trimmed nugs it always comes over very very terp heavy if that could be the culprit? About ready to stop offering diamonds at this point…


Same strain all month?

I seeded one jar to see if it would help but it’s only been a day

It’s been different strains for different growers I’m at a loss. In 2018 I did probably 500+ jars of diamonds and had this happen like twice

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Is it possible the material you ran had a decent amount of CBDa in it? In my experience the only live resin runs that didn’t crash were either heavy in CBDa or had moisture preventing crystallization.


How long are u actually waiting sealed?

If it sugars when left open im going for slow crystallizing which makes the best

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Whats your run parameters ?

What terplord420 said. Probably too much CBD in that variety which is prohibiting crystallization.