Lists of cheapest and most quality equipment by category.

So here is a list of cheapest things I’ve found. Feel free to copy and paste w ur list, add category’s or just comment if u think something is incorrect.

Media: quality stainless parts @Killa12345

Collumns and recovery tanks: @GreenMachine_Consult (w a two to three week wait time) xtractor depot if u need it immediatly.

Ovens: best value vac

Complete systems: extractor solutions

Glass: ?

Dry ice: extracter depot


Alchohols: ?

Sintered discs:?

Vac pumps:?

Apparently bizzy bee and percision have the most quality full systems

Mvp pumps seem to be the go to pumps for speed

Cascade appears to be the most quality ovens

Purge labs has every fitting u could ever need in stock.

Really hope people respond to this. Would love to find some new outlets to get my numbers down. Thx

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Damn w the oven as well?! I’ll edit that in

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i deal with alek from extractor solutions too. Hes a good guy…been competing again that guy on ebay since i started. never tried to hate or play any funny stuff. I know several people who bought his larger systems and had nothing but good things to say!

Hes here on the forum i just dont know his tag. Good dude and looking forward to linking up next month in LA with him


Best deal period

I dont know about that. 45$ for 100lbs of dry ice is crazy fucking cheap. And 20 kg of t5 for 400 is also less then half from most places.

those tanks from green machine look really nice, but no pressure relief valve?

If you need a PRV one can absolutely be installed.