Listerene dissolvable strips

Anybody making infused dissolvable strips?


I have the excipients sitting on a shelf somewhere but haven’t had a chance to try it yet


No, but you do have my interest now, seems like a fun product people would like.


At my previous laboratory I was working with Revvies out of Australia ( They were making caffeine strips.

They might have some resources for you if you reach out.


This has a recipe!


Wow this is a great resource, thanks @munkdooligan


No problem, my google-fu is improving :laughing:


With lsd, yes.


I know @scisolinczack was talking about it recently with a solution for them.

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Cannastrips was right next to us.

Biggest example of how not to do shit I’ve ever seen (not talking about the product).

The stories are endless, but heres a few highlights.

They ordered a used machine out of europe to make strips. If I remember correctly, they paid 3m for it. They get the machine, and find out they ordered the wrong machine. No returns.

They had extraction and manufacturing down stairs and they wanted to put a grow in upstairs. They put in like 6 massive ACs. I looked at the labels I think they drew like 72 running Amps. The whole building was on a 400A service. The whole area was tapped out for power. It was gonna be a multi-year wait. So they had to drop another couple m on a cogen unit. Which is fine its just funny cause they had no idea when they ordered the ACs. Also they didn’t have any redundancies and those big ACs are a batch to have fixed.

They got raided for being suspected of running BHO. The police used the same code they’d use for a drug lab. The local papers ran with the story and played up that they were raided for drug lab, they made the comparison to a meth lab. Their stock price dropped so quick the exchange had to halt trading.

It was a new story every week or so. We used to keep a running tally of how much money they wasted. It was many times what we spent on our whole build out.

Sorry for the derail. Got me reminiscing


Wow! What a story…all for some strips:)


I have started this project as well and got as far as ordering most of the ingredients , which is not the easiest. I have not had time to finish out the project. Interested to see how progress comes for you if you try.


Yo this isn’t even the tip of the Iceberg! I managed the lab a while after the raid for a year and a half. Biggest Canadian stock shell game of all time.


No doubt. Pump and dump lots of people made a lot of money fronting. A lot of people lost everything too. It was the fucking wild west out there. Most of those stories won’t ever see the light of day.


No lie. Got my interested peaked for sure.

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I can get the equipment to make the strips if you need it @moveweight thanks for the shout out

I mean I can’t speak to their poor planning but that’s kind of messed up on the “meth lab raid” part. I’d bet you whoever called in that anonymous tip (and probably forwarded the raid story to media) shorted their stock. I don’t get involved in the Canadian stock exchange but I see a lot of very aggressive cannabis related finance articles that are clearly written to wreck a traded cannabis company. A lot of witch hunt-style finance articles on cannastock/day trading sites that never get picked up by any other news services. Seems they’re just to cause a stir and be forgotten.


were they cbd strips?

Yeah, that was fucked up and it was definitely not fair.

However the police did tell everyone, not to run bho, that they considered it illegal and would deal with it as a drug lab. They told us all this at the city council meeting and the guys running Cannastrips were there, so they knew the possible consequences. They thought the police were out of line, and moved forward. You know how police act when they feel disrespected.

I imagine someone did rat on them. Lots of fuck shit went on back then. But they were big boys who knew (or should’ve known) the consequences, they’d been told not to do it, and they did it. The police made an example of them and used them as an excuse to bring their narco teams through every facility in town.

Walking a team of swatted out cops through your facility is no fun, that killed all the sympathy I had for them. But we had listened to them, gave them a great tour, educated them a bit, and they left on good terms, with their promise that they had our back if we needed them.

There’s a way to deal with authorities and it mainly involves respecting their authority. Cannastrips didn’t do that, they thought they owned the town, and were shown otherwise.

Also the local paper had it in for a lot of people. Our assumption at the time was that they were on someone’s payroll. Rumor was someone eventually talked to them and they stopped causing shit

@thumper this was Rec/THC. After Rec passed but before it went into effect.