Liquidation Sale: Extraction Lab

Hi everyone

I have a turnkey extraction lab on sale. It includes a modular laboratory building constructed out of 13 Interconnecting custom-built shipping containers. Total laboratory space is6,478 square feet. It contains dedicated space for a change room, office, IT, R&D, extraction, post processing, oven processing, -40C Freezer storage, packaging and logistics. In addition to the 13 Processing Containers, the package also comes with ten 40-foot Freezer Storagecontainers for storing large amounts of frozen biomass and for fresh products like live resin.

This modular lab is the perfect shell and ready to be installed, boasting finished insulated panels and laboratory style epoxy floors for easy cleanup. All that is remaining is to complete the buildout, foundation, lighting, HVAC and C1D1 or C1D2 spaces on your site. It’s a major head start in setting up your lab in terms of time and money saved.

As far as equipment goes, the package includes two Fully-automated hydrocarbon extractors from Luna Technologies, each with 400 pounds of throughput per day per unit, as well as 5 double-cascade vacuum-ovens plus corresponding ancillary equipment. Last but not least, the package also includes a Flash Freezer capable of instantly freezing 1,100 pounds of fresh biomass per hour for making live resin.

Special Note: This can be purchased as a single package or in the following separate packages: a) Extraction Equipment only b) Modular Lab Building only c) Freezer Containers only and d) Flash Freezer only.

The liquidation price of the whole package is $1,209,673, which is 50% Off the price the seller paid for it.

Contact me for additional information. Cheers

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Interested in the flash freezer. Can you send me information on the unit?

Sure, I messaged you