Liquidating some assets. $90-150 per LB Suver Haze 22.87% TCC

Single Lbs are going to be $150/Lb. Wont sell less than LB’s Shipped USPS Priority 2-3Day

3000lbs Available.

Text 520-870-0996
Or Email


Extra $50/Lb for hand trim***

Still smell good?

It does, air dried and stored in sealed silver mylar bags.

Ill take 1 and and report back


DM your Full Name, Shipping Address, Email, and Ill have an invoice sent over.
Card, Venmo, Zelle Payment Options Available.

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let us know!!


:metal: keep us updated


@fullbodyzen what is the total thc level and d9 level?

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Where are you located @fullbodyzen ?

Are there many seeds in the crop?

And whats the deal with the title saying $90/lb ans the post saying $150? Which is it or how many do you need to buy to get em at $90?

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Hand trimmed is 150

SUVER HAZE ZEN - Potency.pdf (165.4 KB)

Barely Any Seeds $90/Lb above 100lbs, $150 Singles, Discounts inbetween.

All of it is machine trimmed. For hand trimming add $50 to the price point.

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any pesticide tests done on it?


And you’re in AZ? Is the flower in AZ as well?

Damn I remember when you could get paid 150 just for hand trimming bud


Shiii $100lb was lit

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Sent you a dm

We pay 30 a Lb it’s barely 10/hr. Hemp sucks.

(I’m not affiliated with op )


It’s all about perspective. Hand me a bag of hemp flower 4 years ago I’d laugh, not smoke it but maybe make some RSO with it. I think I was growing some cannatonic but it was still a decent thc percentage. today though it is the only thing I’m able to smoke without negative effects.

The over saturation level is crazy forsure though I get that. Really gotta be nice and unique and not a total cheeseball hempster for people to buy your stuff these days.