Liquid Nitrogen

What’s the proper way to use liquid nitrogen to cool down etoh?


you can add it direct, or use a heat exchanger. You milage will vary based on your scale/insulation.

A heat exchanger is great but using the liquid directly is the most efficient


Is there and safety concerns with it going directly in the etoh? Beside the obvious ones

asphyxiation from n2 gas, always use ventalation!


How long would it take to cool 5 gallons of ethanol?

Sorry, dont have any numbers for you there. There are alot of variables in that.
Heres a good screenshot of a yahoo answers reply.

Whats going to effect your numbers is your R-value
on insulation, And the amount of liquid you can safely add to the system without creating a jet of etoh out the top port on your tank.

If this is something you plan on doing for the long term it’s best just to get a lab freezer. It’s easier and won’t shock the vessel if it’s glass.

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The vessel (steel) I’m using is an eco 6 from Capna

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I’m not sure what your scale is but just do a cost analysis. Figure how many runs you will do with LN2 until you get to the cost of a lab freezer.