Liquid Melatonin for Tintures

Unable to find any pure liquid melatonin extract online for sale to create my nighttime tinctures. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Never had this issue before

This stuff used to be all over Amazon, not too sure what happened

Like this?

What size / bulk?

It is possible that due to the FDA’s semi-recent warning letters to producers of melatonin and its potential usage as a drug product instead of dietary supplement, that some suppliers are no longer willing to accept the risk of receiving a warning letter.

Its notable that the FDA has in the past 2 years expanded its enforcement of this substance and doubled down on it not being an approved food additive. This may make it harder to get in coming years - it is currently being evaluated as a hormone that will become a prescriptible drug product in the future.

Hope you can still find some to make your personal stuff. Looks like in 2022 it may have been added to the list of drugs that can be used in compounding, which would make it harder to get outside of licensed compounding facilities and pharmacies.

Doesn’t mean its not available - just less available. Maybe. <3

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This is heavily diluted. I was talking about pure stuff

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This must be the issue I am having. I understand now. Thank you both for your input

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Can I ask why you need it in liquid and not powder?


I typical order Melatonin from here… unsure if they have liquid…

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no issues with diluting powder in a tincture blend?

“Lazy cakes”

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