Liquid capsules or gel cap machines

Does anyone know of a good capsule or gel cap filling machine for under 15k?

Looking to use MCT or solid coconut oil so I am assuming it will need a heated hopper.

No powders yet.
This will be for cb capsule production

Looking to spend money before tax time this year to upgrade production.This will be a straight up business expense so were looking to get it soonish.

Aslong as it can make around 10k per day that would be optimal.

I have 2500 sq ft with 15ft tall ceiling at highest point. Plenty of power and capability install and run a unit up to 220v.

Domestic producer would be nice but not opposed to overseas because we can import and have bonds and customs clearances already.

Thanks and much appreciated

Iā€™m curious if anyone is doing this on a smaller scale? What kind of equipment is required? Currently filling capsules by hand with a mechanical pipette for testing but that wont scale well I feel.

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