Lipid Use?

I am wondering if any of you all make use of the large amount of lipids filtered out during dewaxing/wint.

I am hoping to find or develop a solid SOP for using the filtered lipids in a cannabis topical or lotion. Any advice is much appreciated!

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Googling how to make lotions and balms is pretty simple.

Substitute the beeswax for cannabis/hemp wax, experiment with ratios and admixtures… success.


I’ve used degumming enzyme and citric acid to break up lipids before. Usually I get a solid wax puck floating on a baby oil type liquid below. The liquid fraction is extremely hydrating but sticky(probably due to left over cannabinoids)


yeah, I was going to bring up the “sticky”.
a second ethanol extraction should probably solve that.
Last place I worked used some of the lipids in their lip balm formulation.

I’ve got a formulation that has cannabinoids added in intentionally. There are ways to make it not sticky.


Almond oil or grapeseed helps.


would you be willing to share your formulation?

The company I work for owns that formulation now, so I’m unable to share it.

Edit: I’ll be honest though, it’s not terribly complicated. Only took me a few days to figure out the desired ratios.

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