Lichen / Liverwort

I have been reading about some of the compounds produced in lichen which resemble phytocannabinoids. My goal is to find the biosynthesis of minor cannabinoids in cannabis by understanding the mechanism in other organisms. Anyone have experience working with lichen or liverwort?


Japanese liverwort Radula perrotteii, New Zealand liverwort Radula marginata, and Costa Rican liverwort Radula laxiramea contain a cis isomer of phenethyl THC.

M. Toyota, T. Shimamura, H. Ishi, M. Renner, J. Braggins and Y. Asakawa, Chem. Pharm. Bull., 2002 50 1390-1392.


I got mine from, then purified the compound with a/b. I never got a coa on it, because it was just personal rnd my success was that it came out the way i expected! Still need more info on it. I mix it with carts though, quite pleasant.


Interesting do you know what lichen alibaba sent? Lichen seem to be pretty hard to propagate so it’s likely foraged.