Licensed rosin, calling all distributors!

Hello gang! We’re basically craft L2L cannabis producers located in Sacramento California
Looking for distribution to help get us into the clubs!

All organic percy grade rosin

IG @forte_solventless

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Are you asking about L2L, or are you prop 215. This post may be short lived.

And I wouldn’t brag about 710labs quality. It’s not hard to achieve higher quality than theirs.


you shouldnt compare yourself to another company. Stand on your own product instead of comparing it.


Also, not that I’m a rosin dealer, but no way to know where you’re at

@thumper :joy: you guys rock, I litterally was in a heated debate to not post the 710 labs but our head of media said we are too obscure of a product and people wouldn’t understand unless we dropped a house hold name. Y’all just helped restore my faith in hashmanity


its not guys in thumpers lab, im a one man show.


Any distributors on this site at all? Lol

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Probably lurking, you should put some contact info in your post if you want to hear from them

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Totally I added the website , already had ig and I think DM’s exist! Thank you brother !

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You can always check the DCC site if you want to hit them directly.


Do you co pack for brands?

Not currently but we could definitely make that happen!

Thank you :pray:t4: