Liberty Timber Ridge Vault

Item Model/Manufacturer:liberty
Description: Liberty Timber Ridge edition
Price/MSRP: $1500.00 or equiv. Btc
Current location of item: N. FL
Estimated lead time: Immediate
Fulfillment: purchaser arrangement
User support / Warranty: none

Selling a Liberty Vault. Dimensions 61" h x 30" w x 22" deep. Green. <500lbs. One minor scratch on back near power inlet.

Is Liberty the company that turned over safe codes to the feds?

That’s the same Liberty!

Edit: dont make fed angry and no problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fed make new angry every other day >:(


By the time the feds are asking Liberty for combos, I’m pretty sure one is screwed either way. It’s not like they can’t get in without the combo…Still, if I was Liberty, I’d “lose” the combos as soon as the unit ships.


The damage is done…they are forever known as collaborators hell even apple fought the feds for a while


Yea but the codes were already available online and at lock smiths or safe sellers.

Plot quadrant, most safes are easily opened with fireman’s hydraulic wedge.

To be clear, a basic safe/locksmith could open any of these on a Sunday while hungover from butt fucking a goat in the desert on a tequila binger

Its a good safe. The finish is dark green specks on black background with gold plated fixtures. Standard combo spin lock with room for up to 30 or more long hunting rifles. There is an electric inlet for lighting and atmospheric control.

Bolt it to the floor. Keep one gun outside of it so while the drunk goatfucker is playing james bond you can catch them in the act or just be a normal person and call the police. Even bank vaults get cracked.

The point is it is a huge obstacle to get to your guns or cash. Not everyone getting a safe is a methlord millionaire. Some people just want to store their guns and valuables people might not see value in like obscure coins out of circulation, or most of the time to legally lock guns away from kids.

Yes liberty had a leak. Yes someone somewhere can probably crack it. Price is now $1600.00

How about this: NOT FOR SALE TO NARCOTICS DEALERS OR TERRORISTS now we can chill thx

Edit2: the safe was a special one time run. Its based off this model. Its actually not mine but I was the first owner and im helping move it again. This is a great price jokes aside.