Levels of verification on future!

What should be the requirements for the different levels of verification for the hemp slangers should you have to show in prefer to get level 3 verified.

Do you need the ODA license number or just a facility and a place to work?


What is a oda license?? I certainly think you need a business license, ein, retail sales certificate, and some sort business insurance which can easily be added to most auto policies.

All this makes it easier to get real payment processing which most lvl 3 vendors should have as well

And i believe this belongs in the meta section of this forum as lvl3 verification is a website thing. Not really a business thing.

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I guess I’m asking if you are level 3 verified shouldn’t you have to show proof on the forums that you are 100 percent legit so that if you are doing business with people and claiming your :100: to keep everyone safe.

ODA is the aproval I believe from the state of Oregon for hemp not sure if it’s also thc I could look more into it.

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Well that might be required for Oregon but the Florida hemp laws are much different and you can’t ask @sidco or @Future to know the requirements of each state.

I think you need to be a legit business the minimum…

Do you mind if I move this to the correct forum section??

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I was told to add it to the general but of course not I don’t mind I’m sorry if it was added to the wrong section I thought I put it in all things cannabis or something but please do I would like to get feedback from people who would know this answer.

Cause if the case is just having a place to work as in a building to get level 3 and not approved from the state then that changes the game.

I don’t see how future verifying you prevents any type of fraud whatsoever and a level 3 can rip someone off just as easily as a level 1


Level 1 can be a broker. Level 3 means someone physically has been to the facility and see it’s inner workings.

Definitely a different level of risk with the 2.

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A level 3 should have some type of state hemp license, business license and some type of verification if selling infused/edibles for consumption…

But it still doesn’t prevent any type of fraud. The risk in purchasing is still the same imo

why just for infused or edibles… seems a bit narrow.

This isn’t a forum for sales :person_shrugging:

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Are they not getting verified to sell stuff?


it prevents a broker portraying they a producer. any level 1 can be a broker… lvl 3 are really only designated for producers which have much more to lose.

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Sure but that’s something that evolved over several months.

The system that’s In place is better than nothing IMO and is just out there b.c. the forum asked for it

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Not arguing just an observation

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I would think for a level 3 some amount of due diligence for the licensing of a business would be expected. No point in doing a site visit of a manufacturing facility that might get immediately shut down.


That’s kinda what I was thinking as well. So if you are verified level 3 you should have all the documentation on your site or in the forum. Just doing a walk through in a facility and paying the fee should not just mean level 3 verification.

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But verification without state recognition should be no good. Cause it’s saying you are a legit producer processor and if you are a licensed company trying to do business with them and something happens at that facility you have no saftey measure for your company to not get stuck.

Not really

Once you have a verification its never check again so if you leave the lab you got verified at you can still be verified and not have a lab

If future hadn’t demoted everyone for the NV shit wed have a bunch of level 3s running around without a lab

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Lvl 3 should be held for license holders. Owners. Not reps who could have left the originally visited op they got verified while working at.