Legal CBD grower questions

Hey guys and gals…I got question, so CBD being legal they have no verified hemp growers in my region…
WHICH ain’t near any YALLS region…

So is hemp and CBD cannabis the same thing?

Also my main question, they have allowed certain farmers to grow hemp in my state, my family has the Lands and funds to think about this…

Is this obtainable and is hemp the same thing as CBD ?

And are the hemp farmers gonna make money selling for extraction of CBD or what? Do they have duel purposes

I’m highly interested in getting in CBD farming if possible and even the same as hemp farmers…

Who are the farmers selling to that are being allowed to grow hemp in my state,

thanks so much ALL

Once again I’m no where near any YALL… Just looking for some crumbs to help ponder on

It depends what state. There are plenty of uses for hemp:

seed oil

There is more to it than just the laws. Cannabis gets consumed in many risky ways, limiting your options for pest control and fertilization

Then there is curing. You have to have a massive barn to dry/cure all of your biomass and climate control for that massive barn. Also very expensive

Now trimming. People buying untrimmed or machine trimmed biomass demand low prices. Is there a large migrant population in your area?