LED VS HPS: Indoor Horticultural Light Study by SMUD

I’m a member of the SMUD Technical Advisory Committee and here is a copy of the findings of that study. If you want to know about LED Vs HPS this is for you.

I placed it in the Data Dump:




Interesting. Good effort you guys put in, but the experimental design needs improvement. I suggest you have a plant scientist, preferably agronomist, advise experimental design in the future. It is unfortunate that a major organization like SMUD would allocate taxpayer dollars to the methods undertaken in these studies, and then follow bad with bad by actually allocating dollars to incentive programs, despite the fact that the results, invalid as they may be, are also lackluster.

A few tips if you guys don’t have an agronomist advising the process: Pick a subarea of each room, set up specific numbers of specific plants (at least 3 plants of at least 3 clonal cultivars or “strain”), and use cannabinoid/ terpene profiling, and if expert opinion is required, don’t let it be the person that grew the plants. If a life cycle is “challenging,” discard the results and start over. And perform some statistics!!! This kind of study only serves as an anecdotal report in its current form.