Leaking Problems

Hey folks, been tackling this issue for a minute but figured that I would ask around and see if anyone has ideas. We have been running into a not insignificant increase in the number of our carts that are leaking out of the bottom.

We are using a combination of distillate made from co2 crude and pure cannabis terpenes that we extract from our flower. We were filling in the past with a Fifty-shot, but have since swapped to a cart farmer 250. Our increase in number of leaks happened prior to the change over in filling apparatus, so I don’t believe that is the problem. We keep our reservoir at 70C, and typically only fill 20 or 30 before loosely capping. Finish capping using an arbor press one at a time.

Anyone have any ideas or thoughts as to what could be causing the leaks? Hardware is an acrylic ccell clone from coastal vape co. Test results show most of our carts around 5-6% total terpene content. I know this is a typical issue to run into with carts (been making them for years) but I cannot for the life of me figure out what changed to cause this increase. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I had a few people who were leaving vapes in their cars, and wondering why it was leaking out. It was only 100⁰ outside. Are they leaking in packages or after its used?

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@qma input/thoughts?

A combination of carts leaking in house before they go into the clamshells, some on the shelf in the packaging, and some as partially finished returned items.

My first thought is always “dumb consumer left it in their car on a hot day” but it has been a little more than the usual summer leak bump from ambient temps lol.

It’s interesting, I chose the lower end of the temp range that he uses to fill carts so I figured it should be fine. Our cart manufacturer is telling me that they shouldn’t be filled any higher than 100F (38C), 120F at the very most (49C). That sounds very low unless you are using ejuice or something heavily diluted/cut. Am I off the mark there or not?

That temp sounds crazy low to successfully fill a cart.

Are you preheating your carts before they are filled?

If there wasn’t a change in your process or input distillate and terps, could there have been a change in the cartridge?


It sounded crazy low to me too, glad to know I’m not just off my rocker here. No we don’t preheat our carts, I found when we preheated them to around 100f on a clone heating mat it increased our rate of leakage.

Definitely hasn’t been a change in our distillate or terps, that’s why my thought is that we got a different batch/bad batch of carts potentially?

In their defense, coastal vape co has been nothing but professional and proactive in dealing with the issue, and have comped us significantly for the issues we are experiencing. Problem still isn’t fixed though so trying to figure out a solution that doesn’t involve tossing 7 or 8 thousand carts…


Sounds like a QC issue at the manufacturer.

If no other variables have changed…


I have a feeling the manufacturer changed something inside the cart, if you have an older one where you did not have an issue with I would rip it apart and new one you are having the issues with and see if something changed, my money says they changed the cart up a little, or coastal started buying from someone else


Yeah, I assumed a pre heat could lead to a leaker. Just figured id ask.

Sounds like hardware issue to me.

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Since the start of COVID, there have been QC issues with almost every product I have purchased across the board. I can’t even get damn cat litter that is consistent anymore, let alone technical consumer bits! My money is on QC more than an unadvertised change to the hardware.


Thanks for the input everyone. I’m going to see if we can get our oil into the carts at a lower temp per the manufacturer instructions and see how that goes. I have a feeling we will run into some viscosity issues but a boy can dream…


Chill your carts first. You may get condensation on the posts so work quickly

If you run colder, you wont run into issues with just the farmer. Expect globs to accumulate at the rim

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Is no one questioning the carts at hand???


At lower temps, I have issues getting the oil to the coil for it to begin to wick. Beware the filled cart that has no oil yet at the coil…

I would first look into your filling/capping procedure. Leaving the cartridges uncapped for too long will allow oil to leak into the core area. Capping the cartridge essentially creates a vacuum inside the headspace of the cartridge, like when you put your thumb on a straw in a drink and pull the straw out and liquid is trapped inside the straw. Try filling a few and capping each one immediately after you fill and see if your problems persist. It’s more of a pain in the ass to fill 1 and cap 1, but it leads to fewer issues with leakage if your viscosity/aperture hole size are properly paired.

It’s also possible that there is a QC issue with the ceramic from the hardware manufacturer. Spend a little extra and go with a quality manufacturer and you’ll have fewer issues.

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This is something I am keenly aware of and make sure to let my fillers know. We quickly fill two to three rows (20-30 units depending on the person running it), then immediately cap those before filling more. I don’t think that’s the weak link in the chain.

my hope is by using a well crimped syringe tip we can have the gun almost down into the bottom of the cart, then pull the syringe up as you fill the cart. Worked well for us in the past when we were carting thicker, chunky oil.