Lavender denatured ethanol


I have a source for untaxed denatured ethanol that has lavender essential oil as the denaturong agent- seems a hell of a lot less nasty than heptane and I’m wondering if anyone here has used it for extraction and why it might work/not work well? Lavender EO is essentially a bunch of terpenes


If you’re just using it for crude then maybe. Linalool has a rather low flash point, so I’m not sure how safe it is in that regard.


May I ask what makes you say heptane is “nasty?”

You’ll have to forgive me, I hold the belief that residual solvent of any type is what makes a product sub-par. Considering the fact that vaporizing pure ethanol isn’t safe, if it’s denatured with anything it still isn’t safe.


Why would it hurt the distillate?


Heptane is a lot more toxic and exposure is something I’d like to minimize


How much linalool is in the ethanol?


I extract dried lavender buds with my og strains sometimes. Smokes great


It wouldn’t. That’s why I said he may be able to use it for crude.


right so I could use lavender SDA for crude thats destined for distillate? This is for CBD hemp biomass btw


just run a distil pass on it (as you always should with new solvent) and cure it of most of the lavender.


thinking also to carbon filter- ill report back on this when i have a few gals in house. I have a gas chromo incoming so i can get test results


My unprofessional opinion: putting dried lavender in denatured ethanol or denatured alcohol is brilliant.


Really? That’s interesting


Yep, last one was pre 98 bubba kush and lavender




It doesnt boost yield when I use these. Strictly for the terps


So is this ethanol denatured only with lavender oil? Shouldnt ne too hard to rotovap out, no?

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There’s a million ways to skin that cat- but really who is complaining about extra linalool?

It should come out along with the ethanol so any of the terps trapped in the crude are just that… extra terps.


Y’all best go get your SDA permits and say goodbye to heptane denatured…

it looks like this stuff was tailor made for us.

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I don’t understand how lavender makes it denatured… it’s just like sweet thanks me to t man… I’ll trade my alcohol tax for lavender any day of the week