Latent Heat of evaporation of THC?

Who’s got the formula for the latent heat of Evaporation of THC?


The heat of evaporation for D9 THC is computed as 64.6 kJ/mol. This has been verified by Beaker…:nerd_face:

Latent heat of evaporation refers to the energy being “stored” in the gas itself. It is the latent heat of evaporation that transfers to a surface when the gas makes contact and deposits or condenses. The “latent” label as far as I can tell simply refers to the storage of the heat needed to effect the phase transition from liquid into a gas.

My figure is computed based solely on the multiple observations done in my clandestine laboratory somehwere deep in the wilds of Oregon… I get stoned a lot so the number could be wildly inaccruate. Still though when the numbers are plugged into the equation for various temperatures and such they come out spot on. This number also cannot speak to any azeotropes formed by other compounds present. This IG post below shows what numbers to punch in using an online boiling point app to compute temperatures that THC will boil at given any vacuum value entered.


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