Good Afternoon Everyone,

As we all know the farm bill was passed which means that starting 2019 every lab will be raising there Isolate Prices about $200-500 a kilo depending on the lab and quantity.

We are offering very low competitive pricing for the end of the year before pricing shoots up. If you are interested or have a buyer interested now is the time to act. Any deals that are started will be honored for 2019 but starting january first prices will be going up.

Shoot me an email at For any interest.

Why are prices going up Jan 1st?

What are the extra costs?


No extra costs. Supply Demand after the Farm bill. We have had so many people big companies start reaching out and a lot more people will start getting into the space january 1st. So 2019 prices for Extract will be higher as more major companies are stepping into the space.

We also have product on the ground now we are trying to get rid of before the start of the year.

how much do you have now on the ground and price and %? thanks!

Can you explain why you think the price on extract will go up because large companies are stepping in?

Why would a big company not just hire consulting and get set up extracting their own stuff on a larger scale for cheaper?

I would guess the main factor would be the total hemp harvest vs interest both public and private. Seeing no large diffrence in havest yet and alot more interest from investors and public consumer’s would favor higher prices

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Any evidence to support this theory? I would expect hemp harvest to spike as farmers switch over the next couple years especially with the farm bill.

Economics would support it. Supply Nd demand thats all that is . and yes i would agree in the coming years as more farmers jump in the price goes down some

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If you could explain the economics, it would be much appreciated. Even in the broadest sense.

What exactly is the farm bill? I would like to her some cbd jusr for personal use m, but dont want to have to buy a kilo to her a decent price

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Supply demand. So farmers are going to come in but the remainder of the 2018-19 season prices are going to be high due to supply demand.

A big company doesn’t know a real cost to set up extraction and if they hire consultant god bless them.

So I’ve done a few big deals, 10,000 kilo, 20,000 and just completed a 30,000. These companies are spending 45 million 90 million a month and are not doing extraction themselves.

Way to many logistics for a big company to think about when doing extraction and why do it yourself when you can pay someone else to do it.