Laser-powered Liquid-liquid separation?

“It is something like removing the milk from your tea after you make it.”

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Someone else sent this to me this morning. Very interesting!

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Two years even

You know why we add milk to tea?

Tannins, they’re used by plants to stitch up proteins and protect against diseases- tannins come in and stitch up proteins and cross link them, the same easy we toughen leather by tanning!

When we add a little Mille protein to that tannin rich tea, they get to work and do their jobs, and once they have bonded and linked up they are happy to leave your body alone.

There was a study done in japan where the tea Drinkers drink 30-40 cups a day, steady stream- their rates of esophageal cancer were much higher than non tea drinkers- scientists proposed that the tannins were wrecking the lining of the throat so they had the tea Drinkers add a few drops of milk to the tea- the cancer rates plummeted.


Any link to that study?


Lemme dig it was referenced in a phytochemistry course I plan on revisiting very soon.

There’s lots of google available

This is exactly the theory behind wine and food pairings. Tannins bind proteins.