Larger Distillation Systems


Hi, we’re looking for a solid solution for large scale distillation solution for cannabis.
We’re planning a post processing setup for bought in oil (winterised CO2 oil - mostly THC but also some high CBD oil).

Aiming to distill for vape cartridges but also want to make some high purity distillates for edibles, and do some CBD and THCA crystallisation

we’re aiming for 20 to 50L per day initially so looking for a larger system. Will consider various options - WFE, SPD, Spinning band.

The main things we’re looking for is high throughput and consistency - ability to get high concentration is nice too.

I’ve found some great advice on here and already have a shortlist - but want to be open minded about the best path forward.

I’ve read every thread I can find on distillation, short path, wiped film etc, including this nice roundup:

Here’s my shortlist so far - what am I missing?

  • BR Spinning band - seems like a great piece of tech, especially it’s resolution, automation an ability to purify, but doesn’t seem to have larger models for the scale we want.
  • VTA - very nice machine, love the jacketing, have a larger stainless options but all models a bit pricey
  • Pope In the past we’ve used 2 inch and 6 inch Popes and loved the bigger unit, so would consider their stainless options.

There seem to be several other strong contenders but we’re just not as familiar with them:
Helderpad - know less about these but they have an excellent range including a larger stainless option
I’m really interested in bizzybee and Pinnacle Stainless units but haven’t seen as much info on them - perhaps they are only falling film units for solvent recovery.

Is there anything else I should be looking at?

Any major pros, cons or considerations with the above?

Other technologies we should consider (short of chromatography)




we offer small and large scale WFE and carry stock on 2 and 4 inch units. we also offer consulting on installation

Cannabis Distillation Equipment

The 2" Wipe Film Evaporator Unit and 4" Wiped Film Evaporator Unit is extremely effective and efficient for steam distillation of cannabis or short-path distillation of cannabis. These Units are today’s most popular starting points for producers of high grade THC and CBD concentrates. The Wiped Film Evaporator Unit is comprised of components carefully selected to provide the concentrate manufacturer with a complete optimized for cannabinoid work.
Package includes:

The required heating items for evaporation, elevated temperature condensing, and keeping the viscous material Rowing.

The chilling units for the external condenser and cold trap.

Vacuum pump system with gauge, wiper drive speed controller.

An assortment of spare receivers for product collection and sampling.

Spare parts are also part of the package.

The user of this THC and CBD distillation equipment can be up and running making high purity, high value product the same day the equipment is received!

Versatility is also part of the package. In addition to the internal short path condenser for cannabinoid collection, an external condenser is also included for terpenes collection. A cold trap is also included to protect the vacuum pump. The body and internal condenser come apart for easier cleaning. The external condenser can also be utilized to provide the user with a continuous solvent evaporation system, substituting for a rotary evaporator. Stainless steel conversion kits, feed pumps and other items are also offered.

Depending on several factors including initial plant quality, harvesting, extraction and other processing operations and techniques, plus product goals, distillation rates, yield and purity can vary. It is typical to make 2 passes through the system, the first for gas and volatiles removal, the second for cannabinoid distillation. However, some users perform a single pass and others may make 3 or more passes, depending on material and goals, (for example collecting various terpenes fractions). Feed rates with the 2" Wipe Film Evaporator Unit normally range from 250 to 500 ml/hr or more and overall throughputs from 0.6 to 1.5 liters or more per an 8-10 hour day of feed material. Final total cannabinoid purities often range from 85 - 95%, with some reporting more than 96%.

Other sizes include 4" Wiped Film Evaporator Unit, similarly equipped, but with larger components and greater power and throughput. The 4" Unit typically runs at 0.8 to 1.8 liters/hr and from 2 to 5 liters/day, the 6" still at 1.6 to 3.6 liters/hr and 5 to 10 liters/day.

ADVANCED CANNABIS DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT can also provide sourcing and acquire replacement components for these units as well as repair for existing equipment more cost effectively than having to purchase new equipment.



you carry stock. i want to test it out



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yes we carry stock and also do site training have our own mini school



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