Large scale processing for cbd oil few questions

Recently just moved to Oregon for processing hemp into cbd products and cannabis into thc. Only experience I have for cbd extraction is co2 extraction followed by 10:1 winterization 3x to remove fats. One of the people I’m working with was asking about steam distillation on hemp plants to extract the essential oils in the plant. My question is steam distillation possible for cbd and is it worth it. I was thinking of co2 expanded ethanol so we can selectively crash out cannabinoids and terpenes. Unless of course hydrocarbon extractions work for cbd I’ve heard hydrocarbons aren’t as efficient for pulling out cbd not sure if it’s true though. Any insight would be helpful

Afa Extraction goes, just think of CBDa like THCa.

No steam will not work.

Ethanol for scale, but hydrocarbons are fine too.


That’s what I figured. I’m a strong believer of hydrocarbon extractions but the cxe concept is catching my eye sounds very appealing for large scale

A very nice friend of mine told me that she has given a large amount of hemp over to an outfit in Colorado claiming to extract CBD via stream distillation. From what I know and have personally tried it doesn’t work so I was skeptical of this labs claims.
I take it from your post @Future that they are indeed full of BS and steam distillation does not work to extract CBDa from hemp ?

I have the same experience. May be possible under some crazy conditions, but steam + steel is scary. Ethanol is cheap and easy

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