Large scale need of CBD Biomass

As title states looking for cbd biomass under $4000 a kilo. Looking to purchase 1000 kilos a month to start with plans to expand up to 100,000 kilos monthly located in LA proof of funds readily available currently have 5 million in escrow. Needs to be minimum of 13% cbd fully tested and verifiable.

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Hello I work for a CBD company based out of KY. We currently have biomass at 10% CBD for around $650 a kilo. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thanks.

Either that’s a steal or it’s too good to be true!

it’s a steal I guess! Can send COA’s and pictures ASAP.

Kevin Wine
(910) 465-8164

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Just to clarify me and my party are trying to source biomass for 4000 or below Preferbly lol if you have the capabilities to fill the need please drop me a line ill be reaching out to see what we can work out

$4000/kg for biomass is way to high… $650/kg is extremely low… Hope you guys can find some happy place in the middle.


I would just like to state that this is not how Biomass is sold. Biomass is sold by the pound and the cost is determined by the % of CBD in the hemp.


We have the facilities to handle this type of volume. Please contact me directly at 773-494-5287.

Are you in California and do you have the pricing he referenced

206 304-8860 call me concerning your needs we can discuss what options I might have available for you your farm Direct

are you selling cbd?

Im.not allowed to sell CBD on this site with out being verified . So I need to figure out how to get verified. Because we are in fact actual manufactures in the industry…So getting verified should not be difficult …Bio mass by the tons … hundreds of tons …


OK …Comes now The Bee’s… Correcting total inaccuracies… We have biomass remedies …lots of biomass … Biomass is priced by % of CBD Present in the material … A 10% material content would command 3.00 a % percentage point.%
10% CBD = 10 × 3= $30.00 PER POUND. 30.00 X 2,2 = $66.00 per kilogram $132,000 per ton . We currently have 35,000 plus lbs of biomass 'available …2063048860

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Under $4000 for 2.2lbs of biomass? You sure you’re not asking for isolate?

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I think he is…

Good luck getting 4K or under for kilos of isolate unless you have a group of labs willing to work a gigantic contract with you or you’re putting down $$ on biomass and contracting a lab for tolling. Even then, 4300-4500 is the lowest I’ve seen it go stateside… and that was with a legit 45 million POF in hands.

If talking about biomass - please don’t spend 4000 per kilo of biomass lol. Paying someone’s boat payment at that rate… I mean… if you insist. I got people (/s)


Not trying to rag on anyone but I’d be cautious when someone doesn’t know the diff between biomass and isolate but wants to buy 1000kg a month.


Totally… they are not the buyer nor represent the buyer

Agreed. This post got sideways. Several times. Thought my smoke was too strong :woozy_face:

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@Elbees Sup Elbees, I’m Ro. :call_me_hand:t4: Hope all is well. :pray:t4:
Shall I get to it, I have a situation & a question.
But first, the situation… I have a client that’s able to process 8,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. of “trim” around every couple weeks or so & I’m looking for a supplier to fill his order.
Now, I’d like to ask you… Would you be able & willing, to provide necessary “trim” in the amount that’s in need ?

That is awesome ! I am more than glad to help and make this a smooth simple process email me at Or if you already have loi then send it to one of my emails and that get the ball rolling or I can send you loi to be filled form thanks and look forward to to making this happen jimmy - hempster