Large Scale Isolate Available! BEST PRICES


1-10 $5500
11-50 5200
50-200 $4800
201-500 $4750
501-750. $4650
751-1000 $4600
1001-2k $4500
2k-3k. $4400
4-5k 4300
10,000 kilos $4100


All we need is a bank letter to get started on larger orders. Small order will send COA and wire instructions. FOR ANY QUESTIONS COMMENTS AND CONCERNS.

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See i would believe you if you were verified on here and if you gave a amount of isolate needed to be able to reach that price. Further i find it hard to believe you are direct to anything if your asking for that amount of biomass at that price right now with the market and the THC levels being 0.

IF you want to pay market value $3.70 a point i would be happy to assist.


It is possible to get what you looking for…from oregon…Colorado is few cents more… Kentucky same price as Colorado…I have COA to show that is clean


Prices are going up. Lol isolate for 4k while distillate is 4500 :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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people offering 10k kg is kind of silly. no one has that much isolate just available. lol. No one even has 1000kg of isolate just sitting around.


But these inquiries make their investors feel warm inside…