Lab ventilation Hoods

Hey guys,

I’m looking into ventilation hoods for our lab. We need a 4’ x 8’ and a 4’ x 10’ Hood. Are Commercial kitchen hoods good enough? Any input about lab ventilation in general would be appreciated. We are a non volatile type 6 facility.

Here in WA, it is up to the city building department and not the state. I had to put in a chemical hood since I use ethanol. I would probably ask your fire marshal what he is looking for.

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I am a fan of Erlab air filtration products. They offer a variety of ductless fume hoods and air filtration units.


I would believe it would have to do with how much ethanol your running. For small amounts, you could probably get away with ductless. But for large extractions, your probably gonna need some vents and at least some explosion proof fans.

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Erlab is awesome! We spent some time with their convention team at Emerald Conference 2016. Their HALO system is especially helpful.


What kind of work are you doing under the hood?

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Steam distillation for Terps.

Oh, if that’s all just buy a used one online for cheap. Lots of the used hoods don’t have the air blower’s, but you can buy one separate if you need. Since you aren’t working with highly volatile and flammable vapors a non-explosion proof air blower is OK (as long as you plan on not using hexane etc in the future in that same space). There are ductless options that would probably work well. Haven’t used one of those, I think they just push the air through a carbon filter? In any case, there are some not too banged up fume hoods/cabinets on eBay that will save you a few grand.

I’m looking for hoods as well, any recommendations? I’m using a 5L shortpath and 2L roto

Depends if you need a lab hood or kitchen hood. I went looking for my lab hood at recycledlabs, and Typically these need to be UL1805 listed. If you need a kitchen hood, those are everywhere.


Hey guys I have a couple different Chemical protector hoods for sale in Bend Oregon. They were barely used as the company close down just after getting operational. I haven’t figured out pricing so if there’s anyone that has an idea I’m open to feedback on their value. I’ll get the dimensions for the narrow one soon.

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