Lab Society is Looking for Beta Testers for New Elite Lab Software

Lab Society is looking for 10 Beta Testers to test out our new Process Control software platform!

Qualifications are:

  • Must have purchased full LS SPD Kit (proof of purchase)
  • Must run SPD system multiple times weekly
  • Must provide email feedback regarding performance

Call us at 720.684.6857 x070 and/or email us at to join us!

Licenses will be issued next week - Stay Tuned for the full release in August!


Thank you all for the overwhelming response! The first beta is now closed - but don’t worry! The full release will be out soon, and we’ll post it here first.

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I’m in the process of putting together my initial lab order and want it to be able to be retrofitted with the Elite automation, is there anything special I should keep in mind or ask for when talking to the rep?

What’s the timeline, my lab won’t need to be operational for a few more months. Should I wait to complete the order until the Elite release?

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Hey there!

As long as you get a Lab Society distillation kit, it will be compatible with the Elite software. The software will be released next month, and you don’t need to wait until the release for it to be compatible!



Well, I can do the other 2 qualifications. Guess I need to buy a full LS SPD kit soon…

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If you need any help, or if you want to just reach out, let us know! You can also email/call via the website if you prefer :slight_smile:

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do terp distillation kits count? lol

Haha, sadly they do not (no automatable controllers), but you probably already knew that!